Our ambition is to lead in our region and industry in corporate responsibility by looking after the environment, caring for our employees and customers and supporting our local community. We currently have key initiatives in sustainability, health & safety, purchasing and community relations.


We are committed to providing luxury whilst minimising our impact on the environment by ensuring that our day-to-day operations promote and implement responsible environmental practices and continual improvement. Initiatives include waste management by segregation for recycling, containment and collection by nominated contractors, use of recycled materials and sourcing low impact cleaning products. Aviator is committed to working with business partners and suppliers who share Aviator’s values of environmental responsibility and whenever possible we try to work with local and independent suppliers to reduce environmental impact and to support economic growth within our region.

In addition our building was built to enhance energy conservation and reclaims heat in rooms through our air handling unit, lighting efficiency is provided through low energy compact halogen bulbs and light timers have been installed in 80% of the hotel.

Aviator is a Gold graded member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the world’s largest and most credible sustainable tourism accreditation programme. Aviator works with qualified environmental coordinators from the GTBS who undertake an audit of the business to monitor and award Aviator’s environmental practices in place in relation to the Green Tourism criteria.

Aviator has installed two EV electric car charging points for guest usage. Located in the main guest car park, the electric car charging points are free of charge for hotel guests.

At Aviator, we source all the hotel’s energy from a 100% renewable energy supplier and we are also proud to say that we are zero to landfill. We have achieved this by separation of waste at the hotel and increasing recycling year on year. The small amount of general waste we do have is processed as refuse derived fuel by being shredded and it is then used to generate electricity at recovery facilities.

We are committed to becoming a plastic-free hotel and have already taken steps to minimise its usage across the property including,

  • We continually asking all suppliers to either eliminate or reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use when delivering produce.
  • Plastic bottles are no longer used at the hotel. We have installed a Vivreau Advance Water system, which is a hi-tech water filtration and glass bottling system, on site, to reduce water and plastic bottle wastage. We now only use and reuse the glass bottles designed to be use with the system.
  • We only serve paper straws across all our food and beverage outlets.


We ask that all guests respect and support our environmental ambitions. Some of the ways our guests can take an active role with our green policies to help us maintain sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Leave your car at the hotel and make the use of the bikes we have available to explore the local area.
  • Conserve energy by turning off switches, lights and the TV in your rooms when you are not using them.
  • Please use the recycling bins in your room to recycle any rubbish.
  • Be water wise. Please turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Only fill your kettle with the amount of water that you need. Only leave towels in the shower tray if you would like them changed otherwise please try to reuse them.


We are committed to working with business partners who share the values of corporate responsibility and whenever possible we try to work with local and independent suppliers to reduce environmental impact and to support economic growth within our region. Key areas where local suppliers are used include food, beverage, laundry, office furniture, stationery, branding and printed materials


At Aviator we are committed to caring for our customers, employees and assets by maintaining high standards of health and safety at all times. This includes overall food safety systems, hygiene and sanitation standards as well as various security and safety initiatives that implemented by the hotel team.


Aviator is committed to providing an exclusive experience tailored to every guest, and endeavours to makes itself accessible to all. Built in 2008 with clear consideration for our disabled and less abled guests, the hotel provides full wheelchair access to the entire ground floor, and 3 lifts that enable wheelchair access to all public areas. A number of our rooms have been specifically modified for disabled users and employees are fully trained in evacuation procedures. Aviator meets all the necessary accessibility requirements and remains under constant review to continue to do so.

Aviator welcomes and caters for all guests regardless of ability and is committed to ensure their experience is as accessible and manageable as it can be, whatever their requirements and needs.

More specifically,

  • We have 8 dedicated disabled parking bays located closest to the hotel providing direct access to the hotel lobby, One Eleven, the Brasserie, the Meetings and Events Wing and the fitness studio, all on the ground floor. We also offer complimentary valet parking.
  • Aviator’s exterior and ground floor are constructed at one level eliminating the need for wheelchair ramps and other access equipment.
  • The ground floor has 3 dedicated guest lifts, each of which accommodate wheelchair users.
  • 10 bedrooms within the hotel are specifically modified for wheelchair access including, emergency alarm cords located at the bedside and in the bathrooms, accessible disabled showers with restraints, seats within the showers, lower level shelves for kettles and hanging rails.
  • From a health and safety perspective, in the event of a fire, each disabled or less abled guest will be taken to a safe refuge within the hotel by one of our fire marshals, all of whom are fully trained in fire evacuation procedures.
  • We have mapped out the journey by which our less abled guests access the hotel pre, during and post their visit and regularly review the measures we have in place to improve accessibility and their visit experience.

We strive to provide a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. If you have any difficulty in accessing please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Aviator is a founding member of the Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP), a not-for-profit social enterprise that encourages companies to work together to enhance and support their local community to bring people together in order to improve the local environment, raise aspirations and improve lives. The CMPP builds and establishes community links through consulting with the local council, local people and local organisations to understand community needs and then deliver a range of supportive and fundraising events and activities.

In addition to the CMPP, Aviator also implements a charity of the year programme, which is voted for by employees of the hotel biennially. Aviator works with the charity of the year by offering volunteering hours, complimentary prize donations, and other charitable support including helping to fundraise.